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Customer Comments and Testimonials

qts "I have used COCOARD since 2005 and I have had very competitive rates and every time I have needed anything she has been very helpful and taken care of any issues that have come up." qtsr

T.L. Philadelphia, PA

qts "Our school has used COCARD for many years for our merchant processing needs.  She recently reviewed all the different processing services we had and was very helpful in helping us consolidate which allows for simple bookkeeping and much lower rates overall.  We are very pleased with the services COCARD has provided." qtsr

R.F. Amarillo, TX

qts I purchased a business from a friend and there was an existing processing company in place.  I found COCARD after I made the decision to stay with the existing processing company.  The COCARD representative was very helpful in explaining all the fees, terms, and conditions that went along with the other company.  They were helpful in helping me get out of an expensive binding agreement as well as setting me up on a non-binding agreement with MUCH lower rates and NOT near the extra charges as before."

S.W. Amarillo, TX

qts "I set up a merchant account over 3 years ago with COCARD.  Recently my COCARD and their insight about my business, they were there to get my account back on the right track with lower rates and personal service." qtsr

S.L. Ft. Washington, MD

qts "Tracer Consulting and COCARD were extremely instrumental in assisting us to start our new business.  Tracer Consulting came in and offered a complete business plan along with annual P&L and a monthly budget projection.  They also assisted in designing all our marketing materials and website and assisted us in developing turnkey fundraising for our members.  Then Tracer COCARD assisted us in setting up our electronic payments which included our online member payment registration via our website, a re-curing payment for our club season dues, as well as a stand beside terminal for our in location purchases.  We were VERY PLEASED with the one stop shop and the professional service we received!" qtsr

J.E. Amarillo, TX

qts "We have been working with COCARD for over 10 years.  The service we have received over the years is outstanding.  We are very pleased with all the assistance that has been provided and we are more than happy to recommend her to any national account that is looking for a consistent, honest, and extremely informed account manager.  The amount of integrity in managing and overseeing our corporate account as well as independent locations is commendable."

J.B. New York, NY

qts "We recently switched to COCARD and we have been extremely pleased in the service as well as the improvement to our bottom line."
B.R. Lubbock, TX