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Pre-Paid / Stored Value Cards

Pre-Paid Cell Phone Plans can be more economical without credit checks.

If you are an infrequent user or if you want to manage your wireless spending, prepaid cell phone plans can be ideal for you.  With pre-paid plans, you can buy minutes ahead of time and replenish them as needed, instead of signing up for long-term contracts.  Already widely used in Europe, prepaid wireless plans have become the fastest growing segment of the wireless market in the United States.  More companies offer more attractive and competitively priced prepaid calling plans.

Possibly the best thing about prepaid cell-phone plans is what it doesn't have.  There are no contracts to sign, no monthly bills, no long-term commitments, no credit checks, no age limit and no hidden fees.  These features are what make prepaid wireless plans so attractive.

Prepaid cell phone plans can stop you or your family members from wasting money.  With prepaid cell phone plans, you're going to pay as you go along.  So you will know how much you are spending.

Similar to a prepaid long distance calling card, you buy the phone, activate it, and then pay to put minutes or "units" on your account.  As you use the phone minutes are subtracted from your account.  When you run low on minutes, you pay to add more minutes.

Prepaid cell phone plans are ideal if...

  • you want a cell phone but would like to budget your usage.
  • you san a cell phone for safety without the monthly bill or long-term contract
  • you don't like the hassle of a credit check
  • you want to buy a cell phone for your children, but want to control their usage