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Join Our Referral Bank Partnership Program

Our Referral Bank Partnership Program allows you to offer business customers a complete package of financial services including credit, debit and check transaction processing. Through a relationship with COCARD, you will have the ability to offer a full-service merchant processing program that is competitive, offers some of the latest in payment technology, provides ongoing fee-based revenue and drives bank deposit business and loyal bank customers.

The Referral Bank Partnership Program provides a complete turnkey offering that includes customer service, terminal help desk, marketing materials, equipment deployment and programming, merchant training and activation, online transaction information, referral updates and reporting—allowing you to focus on core banking products and services.

The program is designed as a low-risk turnkey solution where COCARD provides all of the back-office support including credit underwriting and the sales resources needed to establish new business. Your bank provides referrals of those customers looking to add payment processing.

Referral Bank Partnerships (RBP)

  • Receive a referral fee for each referred account that is approved by COCARD
  • Receive cash advance fee income for branch transactions
  • Receive a monthly residual payment for your referred merchants' processed sales
  • Support industry-related processing applications including retail, restaurant, hotel/car rental, purchasing card, business-to-business, mail/telephone order and eCommerce
  • Access customer service and point-of-sale help for your merchants 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • COCARD account executive will manage all merchant interaction on behalf of the bank

Revenue Sharing Agent (RSA)

  • Agent bank works jointly with COCARD to determine bank offering.
  • COCARD will assign a local account representative or work with bank staff to educate staff and merchants
  • Agent bank will receive revenue share on all product offering
  • Bank removed of all liability and risk associated with merchant portfolio
  • Bank to receive monthly reporting on all merchants and revenue
  • COCARD to provide all terminal deployment and training assistance

Wholesale Self Manage (WSM)

  • Ideal for large regional/national banks 
  • Bank fully directs Program, while assuming no risk or liability  
  • Exceptional revenue opportunity over interchange and misc fee billing 
  • Bank assigned BIN and sponsorship and fully portable, ownership and control of merchant asset 
  • Bank receives personalized statements and ACH description 
  • COCARD assist bank as a consultant to bank staff


  Growth Program

COCARD Bank Solutions will implement marketing growth strategies for your bank. These strategies will include working with your account representative and our customer service.

  • Marketing assistance (quarterly contest, incentives, direct mail)
  • Recurring branch visits
  • Confidence factor
  • Merchant Brochures Provided for each Branch

No Long Term Contract

We offer a no-risk, 12 month revolving agreement. This agreement does not force you to do business with us rather we have to work to earn your business.

Bank Benefits 

  •  Application process performed by CBS with 24 hour approvals
  • Documented referrals and monthly reporting
  • Bank has no financial liability
  • State-of-the-art equipment and software options
  • Customized marketing programs
  • Quarterly and annual incentive programs
  • Extensive conversion plan
  • Quarterly portfolio meetings
  • Front-line customer service

Conversion Process  

  •   Data gathering (1-3 weeks)
  • Build files on each merchant (1 week)
  • Notification mailed on bank letterhead (1 week prior to conversion)
  • Portfolio assigned to conversion team members
  • Conversion manager and team complete applications and starter kits
  •  Personal contact made to each merchant (with bank representative if desired)

Average conversion completed in 2-3 weeks