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Ready, Set, Grow with Mobile Marketing

The mobile revolution is affecting every part of life, from music, to computing, to photography.  And very soon, the villions of Americans who own mobile phones will no longer need their old leather wallets either.  All of the credit cards, offers, loyalty and gift cards those wallets hold will migrate to their devices.

The e-wallet and the consumers smart phone will replace the traditional wallet and the payment form we know today.  The e-wallet is a fast, easy, and safe way to pay.  Soon millions of people will tap, pay, and save as they check out at stores like yours.  So join the movement and give people what they want

Here's how e-wallet helps your business

  • Serve your customers better, with a faster, safer, more convenient payment option
  • Attract a higher-income, higher-spending customer
  • Appeal to a younger generation that does everything on their mobile devices
  • And soon, push offers directly to nearby shoppers in the market for products you stock, rewarding these and other customers simply and easily
    ...all of which drives more traffic through your doors


In addition to contactless via NFC (near field communication) e-wallet can work on the token/virtual cloud server system as well.  Either system can offer digital marketing opportunity for merchants.

Provide Mobile-Based, Local Store Marketing for Merchants:

  • Mobile Coupons
  • Mobile Gift
  • Mobile Loyalty
  • Mobile Messaging, Offers, and Alerts

Provide Mobile Wallet with Secure Mobile Payments at Point of Sale