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ACH Electronic Check Service

ACH (Automated Clearing House) is solution that is similar to traditional paper check processing but without the associated costs and time delays. With ACH electronic check service, funds move electronically from the customer’s checking account into the merchant’s account without a paper check ever being generated. Customers do not need to register to pay with an electronic "virtual" check. All that’s needed is some basic information, including bank account and routing numbers. ACH electronic check differs from remote deposit capture service, in which the customer still presents a paper check.

Features and Benefits

  • Great for customers who do not own credit cards or otherwise prefer an alternative form of payment.
  • Available to MO/TO and eCommerce merchants and compatible with online payment pages. Also suitable for phone, fax and retail point of purchase.
  • Great for business-to-business, where paper checks are traditionally used.
  • Lower processing cost than paper checks
  • Real-time payment processing and funding as fast as 72 hours.
  • Shorter reject period than for credit cards, reducing chargebacks.
  • Automated recurring electronic checks can lower collection costs for businesses.
  • Eliminates trips to the bank to deposit paper checks.
  • Integrated with SecureNet Virtual Terminal.

About ACH

ACH (Automated Clearing House) is a nationwide mechanism that processes electronically originated batches of credit and debit transfers, enabling funds to be debited from a customer’s bank account and deposited into a merchant’s account for services rendered or goods sold. The Federal Reserve Banks are collectively the nation’s largest automated clearinghouse operator. According to NACHA (the National Automated Clearing House Association) there were more than 12 billion ACH payments made in 2004 totalling $28.7 trillion. The majority of consumers understand that electronic payments are safe, secure and convenient.

ACH Recurring Billing

The Recurring Billing feature allows merchants to set up automatic scheduled and recurring credit card and ACH transactions through the Virtual Terminal interface. This solution is ideal for merchants who bill customers on a regular schedule, such as health clubs, publications (subscriptions), membership organizations and leasing companies. Payments can be scheduled for automatic daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly recurrence as well as any interval in between. In addition, merchants can set up one or more single scheduled future payments for any date(s).

The automatic installment generator can take a total amount due and evenly split the payment dates and payment amounts across a designated time frame. For example, if a merchant specifies a $100.00 insurance premium to be charged to a customer’s credit card in four installments during an eight month period, the automatic installment generator would schedule a $25.00 payment every two months during that period.


  • Allows merchants to schedule automatic daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly recurring payments as well as any interval in between.
  • Allows merchants to schedule an unlimited number of single future payments.
  • Built-in automatic installment generator creates evenly spaced payment plans based on total amount, number of installments and date range.
  • Works with credit cards, debit cards and ACH.


  • Many consumers prefer the convenience of automatic recurring payments.
  • Consumers signed up for automatic recurring payments are less likely to leave.
  • Reduces postage, paper & labor expenses and bank fees.
  • Works with Account Updater, which automatically updates card numbers and expiration dates to prevent payment interruption due to expired or inaccurate data.
  • No need to change banks - deposits are made to your existing bank accounts