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RDC - Remote Deposit Capture

Our Remote Deposit Capture solution quickly captures document images at one or more remote locations using small branch capture scanning devices, which interface with payment processing and accounting systems and supply real-time information to operations and management.  By adopting RDC you will benefit from improved float times and reductions in risk and infrastructure costs associated with paper handling.

Key Benefits of Remote Deposit Capture for Corporations

Corporations which utilize a Remote Deposit Capture service stand to gain the lion's share of the benefits of Remote Deposit Capture.

  • Accelerated Clearings - can eliminate the need for the checks to be transported to the bank
  • Improved Availability - you can now make deposits earlier in the day
  • Enhanced Cash Flow from Cash Management Operations
  • Reduced Return Item Risk
  • Reduced Transaction Costs
  • Consolidation of Banking Relations - no need to be close to a bank around the corner